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Regumare for Mares
Calm, sensible mare breathing in the esters of Chamomile.

Chamomile the supreme herb for female anxiety.  

Regumare our product to support  mares through their seasons April to October, contains liberal amounts of Chamomile, Chaste Berry and  other female herbs, no Valerian.

Regumare was the first mare supplement to be Valerian free, a dopey mare is not a happy mare!
promoTasty Weeds
Horses are known to snatch at leafy weeds whilst out hacking.  They do not always choose wisely, often resulting in  toxin laden blood.
Detox our original formula was custom made for a naughty Irish Draught horse who gorged on weeds.  Detox contains alterative herbs such as Dandelion and Cleavers, traditionally used for a spring cleanse after a winter of hard winter feed with little greenery. 
Should your horse be off his feed and out of sorts think Detox.
promoWild flower meadow- heaven or hell?
Beware the danger of horse parasites such as worm larvae, lurking in grass. Opportunists waiting to take up residence in your horse.

A sensible plan of action is needed with regular worm counts to establish the worm burden coupled with a wormer that is gentle on the horse, fierce on worms.

Zilchverm with free FEC worm kit and full moon calendar